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who just reared it’s ugly head.

I HAVE RETURNED, my phone wouldn’t go on tumblr so i didn’t get on for a while. i tell you. nothing happen except for my boredom increasing and i have been complating robberies and rapes, nah jk. but what’s more fun is my band is recording and probly by september well have our songs finally heard. its gonna be frickin great… i miss my cupcake…

what post title is this?

so…recap of my adventures, went to warped, YEA!! food and festivities galore. and before that my band played a fun-filled show. thanks to all mi amigos that dropped by. and i also learned after the sound check not to touch the volume button, musicians are in fact, deaf. and we should be playing in september but ive no amp of my own if no one will be around, hence why my new plan, get a gig amp so i can go tear it up for reals, a license, and a job (thanks to the new resume i made) to cover all aspects, and i will be officially…bored for the rest of my life. :)


i just got my money for tickets for warped. i have been dreading not being able to have the money to finally have it in my pocket today. sad part now is my next move. i’ve the money, the tickets shall be in my possession soon enough, but now i’m concerned about what’s gonna happen after, except the babysitting, so technically i don’t have to work but goddamit i need something else to do. but hey i will find something to figure out. i’m just so bored, and now the rain smashes against the earth like a million comets shattering all of the stars in space. i hope this rain ends soon. but after certain thoughts. i just remembered. GOING TO WARPED BITCH!!!!!!!

Holy Shit, Did I Just Blink?

got a show for a side band formed just for this festivity. i gotta say i am expected to make ppl cream their pants. i jusst have to keep crossing my fingers cause my throat’s fucking me up. on an extra side note about bands. WTF!!! there’s a lot of shit to be on bands, even temporary ones, some people should just be friends and none the higher, but in the end a friend is the best band mate you can have, as long as both of your throats aren’t gently held by the palms of your’sss hands. all i am ACTUALLY happy as fuck for, is my own band…you know that kicks so much ass. our name is “anahata” and so far we play shit i can’t say we sounds similar too, but if i can out it, it prolly sounds like dance gavin dance bastardized in chiodos like suprises, but truthfully i can’t compare. so if someone hears us, i’d love them to tell us what we sound like. i’m curious. but once again blabbering on. some thing’s in truth, are surreal, and can be the symptoms of the most amazing dream, or the harsh bitchslap of reality. i wont know, mine’s a bit of both for now. but bigger fish are to be fried. i have practice soon for dozo high school side project,”a cold voyage”. my testes are crossed with the most anticipation.

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